Hard-hitting yet elegant, SHIV-R is the monstrously seductive project of Australian-born musicians Pete Crane and Ben Lee Bulig. The band forge a unique aural and visual aesthetic, creating a world of fear, aggression and self-expression to confront the shadows within ourselves.

In 2010, SHIV-R's debut album "Hold My Hand" established the band as a new industrial force, fueled by harsh electronics and encompassed by haunting, neoclassical sonic tendrils, with hits such as "Parasite" and "The End" becoming clubfloor staples the world over. In 2011, the 2nd full-length album "This World Erase" extended the band's sonic arsenal with the dramatic, depth-charged groove of "Incision", the slow, grinding dirge of "This Fix" and a more evolved lyrical approach attacking themes such as nihilism, the romanticisation of abuse and above all waging a war on apathy. The band's provocative live show has also been hitting festival stages worldwide including Kinetik (CA), Infest (UK), Summer Darkness (NL) and Nocturnal Culture Night (DE).

Now, SHIV-R return with a new EP entitled "Shadow Between Worlds". Through 5 brand new tracks including collaborations with fellow harsh provocateurs Surgyn and industrial brothers-in-arms AR12, the band continue to explore the space between the explosively energetic and the emotively captivating. The EP also includes a fistful of high-powered remixes by Noisuf-X, SAM, Skyla Vertex, Distorted Memory and Sigue Sigue Sputnik electronic. Following on from "This World Erase"'s themes of rejecting and destroying the world with which we are presented, the new EP explores an existence without the gilded trappings of an apathetic society. A void of creation; a Shadow Between Worlds.

Member origins:

Before coming together to form SHIV-R, the two members had built up a discography with their own projects.  

In 2002, Pete Crane formed THE CRYSTALLINE EFFECT along with vocalist Elenor Rayner.  The band focussed on electro, dark-pop and trip-hop sounds and signed to Poland’s Black Flames Records, who released their debut album “Glass” in 2005 as a double-CD.  When Black Flames Records closed down, THE CRYSTALLINE EFFECT quickly found a new home with Hungary’s Advoxya Records, who released their second full-length album “Identity” and a new EP entitled “Hypothermia” in 2007 and 2008, respectively.  THE CRYSTALLINE EFFECT took the European stage in 2008 with a tour including the Netherlands, Hungary, Estonia and Latvia, performing with bands including SNOG, HOCICO and XP8.  
Pete is also known for his project PLAGUE SEQUENCE; a solo psytrance-oriented project with which he released a full-length album “Discarded Technology” on US-based digital label Sector 9 Studios in 2007.  Though now defunct, PLAGUE SEQUENCE played live at outdoor psytrance festivals in Australia as well as underground London clubs.  

Lee Bulig was best known for being the solo force behind STARK, a project renowned for its intensely dark atmospheres and aggressive sounds.  In 2003, Australia’s GUP (Ground Under Productions) released the debut STARK album “The Surgical Suite” and the “Wield” EP.  These releases got the attention of dark electro aficionados the world over who could hear that something unique and incredibly dark was apparent in this music.  In 2005, STARK’s follow-up full-length album “Brave New Desire” achieved a slot on the DAC (Deutsche Alternative Charts) and further established Bulig’s unique sound.  
Lee Bulig was also responsible for the project NEON WOMB, with which he released a full-length album “Intimate Moments” on Australia’s Cranial Fracture Recordings in 2005.  Even darker and more experimental than STARK, NEON WOMB performed at underground performance art spaces and warehouses and earned a name in experimental-noise circles.
After ceasing all activities as STARK and NEON WOMB, Lee Bulig debuted a new project under his own name and released an extremely limited-edition album, enigmatically titled “White Peacock”.  This release became an instant rarity and is most similar stylistically to the eerie, atmospheric and darkly melodic elements Lee currently contributes to SHIV-R.  

The two had been collaborating constantly throughout their first releases and their names can be seen in the credits and thank-you notes of eachother’s albums.  Combining the darkly unique sound of Lee’s most recent releases with the energetically club-bound nature of Pete’s recent works was a natural conclusion to form a symbiotic whole greater than the sum of its parts.  

Pre-Shiv-r discographies:

Lee Bulig/Kong:stark
brave new desire [GUP]
the surgical suite [GUP]
Wield Ep [GUP]

neon womb
intimate moments [Cranial Fracture]

dunkelwerk/2hell [Alfa Matrix]
syrian/now is forever [A Different Drum]
the crystalline effect/6 oclock [Black Flames]
virtual embrace/dementia [Alfa Matrix]
angel theory/transmission [GUP]

Compliation Appearances

endzeit bunkertracks act 1 [Alfa Matrix]
interbreeding ix [BLC]
interbreeding viii [BLC]
interbreeding iv [BLC]
interbreeding ii [BLC]
dissonant structures [Cranial Fracture]
Pete Crane/Virul3nt:The Crystalline Effect
Glass [Black Flames Records]
Hypothermia [Advoxya Records]
Identity [Advoxya Records]

Plague Sequence

Discarded Technology [Sector 9 Studios]

Angelspit - Get Even (The Crystalline Effect remix)
Implant - Surface Tension (The Crystalline Effect remix)
Skoyz - Distorted Dreams (The Crystalline Effect remix)
Alien Produkt - Detestable Envy (The Crystalline Effect remix)
Streeturchin - Blown Away (The Crystalline Effect remix)
The Crystalline Effect - Another Rainy Day (remix)
The Crystalline Effect - Why Do I Hate Myself (remix)
The Crystalline Effect - Easy to Begin (remix)
The Crystalline Effect - When You're Asleep (remix)
The Crystalline Effect - Jagged Edges (Advoxya mix)
The Crystalline Effect - Nothing Warms This Room (Machines Against Hunger mix)

Compilation Appearances

Fxxk the Mainstream [Alfa-Matrix vs VampireFreaks]
PABS (2007) - [Advoxya]
Interbreeding VIII - Elements Of Violence [BLC]
Crash Frequency Vol.2
Crash Frequency Vol.1
State Of Synthpop 2005 [A Different Drum]
Synthphony Remixed! Vol.4 [Synthphony]
Dark Horizons 2006
Dark Horizons 2007
Machines Against Hunger [Sigsally Transmissions]