Monday, April 2, 2012

Preparing for Kinetik, working on new stuff

So we have sent in our Tech Rider and Stage Plot to the promoter of Kinetik Festival and are currently fine-tuning the setlist. I am managing to bend the laws of space and time to fit in as many songs as possible and make the most kick-ass, dynamic set possible. The most awesome thing so far to announce is that KONG AKA LEE BULIG WILL FINALLY BE TAKING THE STAGE! Despite being half the damn band, Kong has never actually played a live Shiv-r show, given that he is based in Bangkok and apparently they don’t have planes there or something. Well it seems he too has learned how to bend space-time and he is going to appear in MontrĂ©al onstage for our set. Now, as we all know, teleportation has been possible for many years, but the results have been disastrous, with the subject matter always coming out the other end discombobulated. So assuming Kong has mastered this science he will arrive in one piece and he won’t appear as a fleshy goo-pile on the stage. We will also be joined once again by M4RC on drums (why do I always get this acute pain in my kidneys every time I even think about hanging out with M4RC?), so will hit the stage as a 4-piece bringing our biggest show yet.

The other cool thing to mention is that we will debut a new track in our set. And yes this does mean we are working on something new. We are currently collaborating with other artists as well as working on original material for a special new release. Expect an announcement with full details soon.

Finally, our song “God is Art” has now dropped out of the Deutsche Alternative Singles Charts after 7 weeks. Damn – one more and it would’ve been there for the maximum amount of time (which occurred with This World Erase). Thanks so much to the DJs for all the plays!