Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shiv-r in Zillo and Sonic Seducer magazines

This month we have been featured once again in Zillo and Sonic Seducer magazines! The current issues of both German print-mags feature full interviews with us as well as tracks from our new album on the cover-discs. So if you are able to get your hands on these magazines already you will get the first listen to new material from our upcoming album as the Zillo cover-disc includes our track "God is Art" and the Sonic Seducer cover-disc includes "Lingerie".

The magazines are published in German, so check out some excerpts from the original English below.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

This World Erase - Are you ready?

In this post you will find a tonne of info about our upcoming second full-length album, This World Erase. Pre-order info, press info and even the full set of LYRICS can be found below.

The release dates are 7 October 2011 (Europe) and 11 October 2011 (America). The album is available for pre-order right now and the direct links are below.

01. Entrée
02. Pharmaceutical Grade
03. God is Art
04. Incision
05. Hollow Mask
06. This World Erase
07. Blind Mice
08. Deafening
09. This Fix
10. Stripped
11. Alpha Omega
12. Lingerie
13. Arise

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shiv-r added to Festival Kinetik 2012, Montreal

We did it!  In 2012 we will make our North American debut at the amazing electro-industrial-noise festival Kinetik, Montreal CA. 

Since Kinetik debuted a few years ago they have always had an absolutely killer line-up of bands, and this year is no different with Haujobb, Hocico, [:SITD:] and Winterkalte already announced so far. 

This will be a North American-exclusive show so we hope to see all of our friends and fans from the States making the trip up to Canada!  Not to mention the rest of the world of course, as Kinetik is generally regarded as having THE line-up to die for in the worldwide industrial scene, so it's definitely not something you want to miss.  

We are so motherfucking excited.  See you there!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

DJing @ Defqon 1!

Yesterday I DJ'd at the internationally renowned Defqon 1 festival, Australia edition. The club in Sydney I'm a resident at, Shallow Nation, entered a "Drop Your Own Stage @ Defqon" competition and our application was put to a public vote. We won, so we all got to bring the noise to the festival and darken up Defqon!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Post-European Tour Wrap-Up

So we just got back home after being in Europe for 6 weeks, including playing at Summer Darkness (Netherlands), Infest (UK) and NCN (Germany). This was our first time live in Europe as Shiv-r and overall it was motherfxxking KILLER and we had a great time both partying and rocking out onstage.