Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DJing in Paris!

On the weekend (Sat, 20 Aug 2011), I went to Paris to DJ at the famous Hell-Ecktro club, held at the amazing venue Les Caves Saint Sabin.

Photo by RMY Photography

Monday, August 8, 2011

New filmclip - "Parasite (Repossession)"

We have a killer surprise to unveil to you - a new Shiv-r filmclip! Our friends at www.scissors.cc made this killer filmclip for our song "Parasite (Repossession)". Here it is!

Live bugs and insects were filmed under a microscope with a special camera to produce the content for the experimental video clip.

Check it out, show it to your friends and spread the infection!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shiv-r Tour Blog - Summer Darkness 2011

Last weekend we played Summer Darkness festival in the Netherlands - our first live European show. It really kicked ass, even though we very nearly missed it due to some flight fuck-ups.

Photo by www.utrecht-roxx.nl
Our set at Summer Darkness was on Saturday, and we left Sydney on Thursday, so it was always going to be a tight trip. As anyone following our Facebook page will have seen, our flight from Sydney was delayed by a few hours due to a broken 2nd engine (can't they fly with 1?!). We had a stopover in Bangkok with a tight changeover to Frankfurt of only a couple of hours. At Sydney airport they wouldn't give us any news as to whether they would be holding our connecting flight for us or not, so we had to wait until we arrived in Bangkok to find out. This made for a really stressful flight as we spent the 9 hour flight nerve-wracked not knowing whether we'd make it in time. When we arrived in Bangkok during a lightning storm, and sure enough, our connecting flight had left without us, and we were rebooked onto another flight to Frankfurt departing in 12 hours. This was pretty fucked, as we had a train from Frankfurt to Utrecht booked only 6 hours after our flight was originally due to arrive. So Thai Airways put us up in the Novotel for the night, so we called up Lee, who lives in Bangkok, to come hang out with us, even though it was about 2AM local-time. So Lee turned up with a bottle of cheap but awesome Apple Vodka and we tried to re-book the next leg of our journey. We decided to book a hotel for the next night in Frankfurt and catch a train the following morning to Utrecht. This train was due to leave Frankfurt around 7AM and arrive in Utrecht around 11:50AM. Our soundcheck in Utrecht was at 12:30PM so if ANYTHING was delayed, we would be FUCKED. Our live drummer Marc Martinez was chatting to us on Facebook throughout this time and helped a tonne, helping book our European travel and even organising a lift from Utrecht Centraal station to the venue for soundcheck. Here is some footage of us starting at the Frankfurt international train terminal on our way to Utrecht:

Tour Blog shot on my iPhone
Obviously, we made it in the end, and the whole festival fucking kicked ass. I think the lesson here is to never leave only 2 days to fly to the other side of the world.
Right now we're in London. Next festival will be Infest UK at the end of the month. Can't fucking wait - see your asses there!

One of the many live videos that has turned up on YouTube