Monday, June 13, 2011

Shiv-r confirmed for Nocturnal Culture Night Germany

We have been confirmed to appear at this year's Nocturnal Culture Night festival in Deutzen, Germany.

So this year we will hit 3 festivals in Europe; Summer Darkness (Netherlands), Infest (UK) and NCN (Germany). Hope to see and meet you there!

microKORG - microANTLAR

What do you do with an AWFUL digital synth you bought 10 years ago that you will never use for any godly purpose again? I present you with the first incarnation of....the microANTLAR!

The antler theme is continued on from the concept in our upcoming album This World Erase, which you can catch a glimpse of in the teaser below:

The construction was quite straightforward really. We took great pleasure in dismantling the microKORG and destroying its resale value by drilling into the side-panels and attaching a set of guitar strap-locks.

While the antlers we used in the video above were custom made by our friend John Baker in the UK out of polyurethane and a 5-axis router, the antlers we used for this are the real deal, albeit much smaller.

Sexy evil times!