Friday, October 14, 2011

Blackvector and Viva Music review "This World Erase"

The first reviews are in for our new album and they are looking great so far!  And also worth mentioning - we debuted at #2 in the Metropolis Top Sellers charts, and #4 in the Music Non Stop Sales Charts.
The album is out now and shipping across the world, available from:
From Blackvector (
"With 'This World Erase' the band have put more work into their sound, giving it a more mature, darker and worked through approach; it feels like the band have put more emotions into the sound; something the title track show pretty well with its mellow and gloomy sound and sad story. 9/10"
Read the full review here
From Viva Music (
"Shiv-r’s music seems to know where it stands and to speak from the stance of a band who have gained their balance in just a few blows, but this is not to say that the weft of hard work is not visible in the album, not at all. An album to keep your eyes and ears open for in October, Shiv-r’s “This World Erase” will tell you a lot about yourself."
Read the full review here.