Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

New remixes by Soman, Reaper & XP8

The limited Japanese edition of our debut album "Hold My Hand" will feature 4 exclusive tracks.  These include remixes by Reaper, Soman and XP8, as well as an original track called "Clear Thoughts". 

Listen to "Shiv-r - Taste (Reaper remix)" exclusively on the Deathwatch Asia VampireFreaks page

Listen to "Shiv-r - Open My Vein (Soman remix)" and "Shiv-r - The End (XP8 remix)" on the Shiv-r myspace page.

This edition of our album comes out on 15 May 2010.  Order it here!

Shiv-r remix Freakangel

Our latest remix is for Alfa Matrix's latest signee, Freakangel.

We remixed their track "Together Against It", which appears on the 2CD edition of their debut album "The Faults of Humanity" out soon on Alfa Matrix.  Freakangel is a new project featuring Dmitry from Suicidal Romance (Infacted), and Igor from cB (Advoxya).

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sexy Techno Party Time

Deceptive title, but all shall be explained.

Thailand loves a good a protest. Most of it isn’t worth mentioning. Last year (I think) the international airport in BKK was overtaken and held hostage, and parliament was stormed. For me, even living close to the centre of the city, daily life didn’t change. Even when the government or military announces a nighttime curfew, you can still drink beer on a plastic seat by the side of the road until 4am and remain blissfully unaware. I arrived here when the country was under martial law, and, meh, all these words are kind of scary, but the reality is pretty mundane.

So the latest round has had protesters locking down the central business district for nearly two months. Traffic is terrible. The company I work for has been completely ass fucked by it. There have been nasty street battles with grenades and machine guns. All in all, the most serious stuff happening in my three years here. If you want to know the details of it… read about it for yourself, I’m too lazy and vastly under-qualified to have any real opinion. It is kind of surreal to see places I usually go to par-tay blockaded with car tires and sharpened bamboo spears manned by guys with covered faces, or 18 yr old kid soldiers/police in full riot gear.

The current seems to be partly a result of the massive income disparity here and lack of social security, partly along ethnic lines, partly on issues I don’t want to mention, but mostly just greed. I really don’t care much for any of this, except for how it affects me directly, cold motherfucker that I am, and that I’m should really keep abreast of it because of work.

What is interesting is how wired this whole thing is (hence the title of this, except for the sexy part, that just adds some spice). Half of this little hoe-down is taking place in cyberland. Every player has himself a twitter account and a facebook. I don’t mean loud mouth opinionated dickwads, I mean the politicians and riot leaders. Tweets make front lines in national newspapers. When things got really exciting on April 10th, twenty something dead and over 800 injured in a single night of serious party time, I heard it first on twitter, then dusted off the old TV remote (it was under the bed somewhere). This is the one where bombs went off on Khao San road, which, if you have ever traveled to Thailand, I’m sure you went to and wandered around in baggy hippy pants and horribly sunburnt skin, never showing the photos to your rivet head buddies back home.

I don’t mean to compare this to the revolution of television and its impact during the Vietnam War. What we have here is more of a refinement and broadening of what happened there. Vietnam was a shock because you could on the ground footage of what war looks like. The Thai situation is mobile phone videos of street riots. We are still only talking video footage, and this is also far cry from total war. The big difference is we’re not talking about professional journalists or embedded lap dogs. This is material from ordinary people on the ground straight on to the internet. Make of that what you will (on a side note, forget the Iraq/Afghan wars, if you want to see some real action check out the Chechen wars).

And so, Youtube is a point of action action action… Just go in and search for “red shirts”… you will get a lot of stuff from previous year’s party times, but if you want to see some really entertaining stuff look for the riots on April 10th at Democracy Monument and the Sala Daeng BTS grenade attack. Here are some random ones:

One from the democracy monument riot. Listen to the music around 00:50 + the funny lights and you will be in Apocalypse Now, the bridge scene...

Just after the Silom grenade attack. The wounded white guy sounds Australian. Damn that accent...

On a more old school note, most groups run their own TV stations and radio stations and do their darnest to fuck up the others by blocking signals or physically attacking the broadcasting buildings. The protesters have even been making propaganda VCDs (a thing of the past really, and they never really caught on in the west) to give away to people.

Given how often my American co-workers are asked by people back in the States “is there running water and electricity in Taiwanland?” (I joke not), this might come as a bit of a surprise. Like I said, this place is one wired up nation. The poorest slums have satellite dishes. The internet might run through cables thrown up in trees, but every mofo, from rich to poor, is a net using mofo. This latest shin ding has really highlighted it.