Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shiv-r partnership with METROPOLIS RECORDS & Deathwatch Asia

We have some amazing news to announce.   Further to our signing with Germany's Infacted Recordings, we have also been signed to Metropolis Records for North America AND Deathwatch Asia for Japan/Oceania!
So there will be 3 editions of our debut album "Hold My Hand" as follows:

Shiv-r - Hold My Hand [Infacted], release date: 23 April 2010
Shiv-r - Hold My Hand [Metropolis], release date: 25 May 2010 (pre-order now available)
Shiv-r - Hold My Hand [Deathwatch Asia], release date 15 May 2010 (pre-order now available)

The Deathwatch Asia version will include 3-4 exclusive tracks and will be packaged in a deluxe digipak with 8-page booklet featuring the excellent work of graphic designer UserDX and photographer Matthew Burgess.  The exclusive tracks include a great remix by XP8, and 2 totally exclusive tracks "Requiem" and "Clear Thoughts".  These tracks are some of the first we wrote as Shiv-r but when choosing tracks for our album we decided to leave them off for stylistic reasons as they draw very heavily from the psytrance genre.  This Deathwatch Asia release was then a great opportunity to let these songs see the light of day so people should find it interesting to hear our early stylistic development in these tracks.
Pre-order before 24 April to get the maximum pre-order discount.

Pre-order the DWA edition:

Pre-order the Metropolis edition:

We have also uploaded new album previews to our myspace and vampirefreaks pages.

May we also mention, on this informal blog-format, that the significance of this moment is not lost on us!  It was almost 10 years ago that Kong and I were reading web pages like "Industrial 101" (wherein the end goal is to sign to Metropolis Records, or Zoth Ommog (where Infacted draw their lineage from)).  Furthermore, the fact that this has happened for our debut album, as a relatively unknown band, is all the more satisfying.  Thanks to Infacted and all those who believe in us!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shiv-r remix Unter Null

We have made a remix for Unter Null's track "I Can't Be The One", released on the Japanese 2CD edition of her album "Moving On", on Deathwatch Asia (on license from Alfa Matrix).

Moving On

Moving On CD2 Tracklisting:
01. Monster
02. Visceral, Venom Of My Being (CEDIGEST Remix*)
03. Moving On (ESSENCE OF MIND Remix)
04. Broken Heart Cliché (ALIEN VAMPIRES Remix)
05. Monster (genCAB Remix*)
06. Hypocrite And Contradict (XP8 Remix*)
07. I Can't Be The One (DYM Remix)
08. Broken Heart Cliché (HEX RX Remix)
09. I Can’t Be The One (SUNAO INAMI Remix*)
10. Broken Heart Cliché (FREAKANGEL Remix)
11. Hypocrite And Contradict (BAKI-SHO-JI Remix*)
12. I Can’t Be The One (SHIV-R Remix*)
13. Moving On (ACYLUM Remix)
15. Godless (SIVA SIX Remix)
16. Tear Down The Walls (C-LEKKTOR Remix*)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shiv-r remix Cellmod

Check out Cellmod's new album "Adevolve", released digitally through Sector 9 Studios, which includes remixes by Shiv-r and Negative Format.

Kong and I usually work via our separate studios but we started this remix together while Kong was visiting last.  I took some footage while we were working on this remix and uploaded it here.


1. Royal
3. Against Geneva
4. Radio Sex
5. Without You ft. Rashree Matson
6. Hunting Salvation
7. Kings With No Winter
8. You Destroy Ft. Jared Lambert
9. Reason to Live
10. Trail Effect
11. Kings With No Winter (Negative Format remix)
12. CRISIS (Shiv-r remix)

Available now @ s9sonline.