Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Antythesys - Point Blank out now

Antythesys' debut full-length album, Point Blank, is out now!  The album features a remix of "Time Will Tell" by myself; and also includes a remix of our track "Parasite" by Nemesis from Antythesys.

Point Blank

• Point Blank
• Bleak
• Hellectrobitch
• Always Been My Bitch
• Pay Off
• Hardcore Porno
• Parasite (Nemesis Remix)
• Time Will Tell
• Powders And Heels
• Time Will Tell (Virulent Club Remix)

Get it from: dsbp, disconexus, MNS, Storming the Base, Infrarot,  digital stores and our Australian-based webstore.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New photos added to Gallery

Earlier this month Kong came from Bangkok to visit for the Xmas/NYE period.  It's pretty rare that we're in the same country so we took the opportunity to do a photoshoot. 

Click the thumbnail to check out the rest!

Oh, and as always, full-res versions are available upon request.  Please don't send these web-jpgs to print ;)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Shiv-r remix X-Divide

Our remix-work continues with a mix for Infacted Recordings labelmates X-Divide!  The track is "Forever" and will be on their debut EP on Infacted Recordings, produced by Vasi Vallis and also featuring a NamNamBulu remix.  Check out the news here


1. Forever
2. My Love is …
3. Sometimes
4. Mirrors
5. Sympathy (NamNamBulu Remix)
6. Forever (Endanger Remix)
7. Forever (Shiv-r Remix)
8. Forever (Musikvideo)