Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wholesome DIY fun: Blood

For our debut maxi-single, we will be relying on ourselves to create the cover-art.  I'm all for supporting professional designers, but I'm also a believer in digging in and getting things done yourself in order to keep momentum going, and in this case a DIY approach is called for. 

I like the way this website turned out, as a combination of Japanese flowers and blood, and wanted to keep this theme for the single.  Straylight (my wife Wendy) was the one who came up with the concept and collated the images used for this website.  Some elements were scanned in from a Japanese design book, but some (such as the blood spatters) were images found through google, which while fine for the web, aren't high enough res for print. 

So I decided we should make our own blood spatters and take some photos with our 5 megapixel camera.  I went to the local Tesco's and picked up some Liquid Glucose and Red Food Colouring (a recipe I think I picked up from an episode of Dexter), and took them home. 

Straylight and I mixed the ingredients together, laid out some A4 sheets of white paper on our kitchen floor and spattered the mixture around with an old toothbrush, then took some photos on the Macro setting. 

After some processing to neutralise the background, the results look great already.  Final artwork will be posted soon. 

Blood Montage 001